Oct 16, 2021
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Analogue Pocket gets save states, screenshots and more with AnalogueOS

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Analogue, the boutique retro console manufacturer, has made a tradition out of pinning announcements to today’s date, October 16. First there was the Super NT, the company’s FPGA-based Super Nintendo clone, in 2017; then, the Mega SG, its Sega Genesis clone, in 2018; the still-unreleased Analogue Pocket in 2019; the similarly unreleased TurboGrafx 16 clone, the Duo, in 2020, which gets us to this year’s announcement which, for the first time is not hardware.

AnalogueOS is the underlying software that will run the upcoming Pocket and Duo, and other “future” consoles, the company says. (And no, the existing Analogue consoles “are not planned to be updated with AnalogueOS at this time” we’re told.) In addition to a very welcome…

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