Oct 18, 2021
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Apex Legends Ash Trailer Introduces Newest Legend; Escape Update Incoming This November 2

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Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have very big plans incoming next month for their battle royale hero shooter, and to kick things off the Apex Legends Ash trailer has been officially released. Check out the trailer below which provides some backstory for the next big character in Apex Legends.

The trailer also came with some information about Ash, and how her story ties to Dr. Ashleigh Reid and the Arenas.

The next major update to Apex Legends will introduce a familiar face as the game’s newest Legend: Ash. More than just the overseer of Arenas, and now, fully rebuilt, Ash is a simulacrum made from the woman who once was Dr. Ashleigh Reid. A trace of Leigh still remains…

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