Oct 23, 2021
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Azur Lane Oratorio Rerun Will Add Maillé Brézé and Le Terrible

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Yostar revealed Maillé Brézé and Le Terrible as the new shipgirls joining Azur Lane through the upcoming “Skybound Oratorio” event rerun. Both destroyer shipgirls will belong to the Free France-inspired Iris Libre faction. Le Terrible will be a Super Rare shipgirl, while Maillé Brézé will have an Elite rarity.

Maillé Brézé is based on the historical Vauquelin-class destroyer of the same name. She sank while being anchored at a Scottish port due to an accident on April 30, 1940. This event happened a couple of months before France surrendered to Germany in June 1940. That was the reason why the Azur Lane shipgirl belongs to Iris Libre instead of the Vichy France-inspired Vichya Dominion.

Meanwhile, Le Terrible is similarly…

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