Oct 12, 2021
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Battlefield 2042 Started as a Battle Royale Title – Rumor

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Battlefield 2042

Following the end of the open beta and reports of troubled development, DICE’s Battlefield 2042 has attracted its fair share of criticism. Even those unaware of how old the beta was are still trying to wrap their heads around many of the changes made, like the removal of Classes and addition of Specialists. Insider Tom Henderson offered some additional information on why this might be – it’s because the game started out as a battle royale title.

On Twitter, Henderson noted that, “The theory that #Battlefield2042 started as a Battle Royale is true, although I’m not sure how far in development it was changed to a more ‘traditional’ Battlefield. The inspiration from Call of Duty was there, but Apex [Legends] was a BIG…

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