Oct 11, 2021
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Bittersweet Birthday is a bullet hell adventure about a boy and his bird brother

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In Bittersweet Birthday’s demo, I’m just a precocious young boy with a head full of hair and a backpack slung over my shoulder. And yet here I am waking up in a cold, sterile cell deep in the bowels of an abandoned lab. A voice on the radio warns me to be careful, and I creep past damaged hospital beds, blood splattered doors, and big buttons meant to activate containment measures. For what initially appeared like a cutesy adventure ala Earthbound or Undertale, this is not the tone I expected from the outset. Before too long, I’m stuck in a giant metal room, and a young crow-boy hybrid calling himself the Dark Sun is shooting hundreds of arrows and fireballs at me.

It’s the kind of bullet hell experience anyone who’s played Eldest Souls…

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