Oct 15, 2021
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Bless Unleashed: New Bless Pass “Changing World” is Now Live

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The next Bless Pass season is now available! Changing World brings a refresh to the daily missions, plus a new enhanced version with an all new Bless Pass costume and mount.

Changing World, like every Bless Pass season, is available to all players with 50 tiers of earnable rewards including gold, potions, boosters, sealed chest keys, and more! These daily missions are meant to reward regular gameplay and include missions like finding treasure chests, succeeding in finishing, cooking at a campfire, or defeating a boss!

However, for this season, we have something a little special for the players! Instead of purchasing the Enhanced Tier in the Lumena Shop, we will be giving this to all players!

Bless Unleashed

The Enhanced Bless Pass…

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