Oct 18, 2021
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Camael and Zhen Are Jacks of All Trades in SMT V

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Today’s daily demon digest videos for SMT V look at Camael and Zhen, which are demons that have appeared in previous Shin Megami Tensei works. These two are ones that were never in the Persona series, so fans of those games may be unfamiliar with them. Whereas Camael is one of the angels from the Bible, Zhen is a cryptid from Chinese mythology.

Camael plays very similar to other Angels in the series. Aside from healing and Light magic, he can also work as both a physical and magical damage dealer. His trailer in SMT V shows off how he can use Agidyne, as well as Hades Blast.

The video for Zhen in SMT V shows it and other low-levelled demons in a party with the level 78 Nahobino….

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