Oct 21, 2021
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Celebrate the US Grand Prix on F1 2021

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  • Celebrate the US Grand Prix with our After the Apex Episode 2 and Xbox Free Play Days 
  • Inspired by the real-life drama of the Formula 1 word, F1 2021’s story mode, Braking Point, is brand new to the franchise.
  • Work together with a friend and play F1 2021 co-operatively, or race against your rival in an online two-player career.

If you’ve been keeping even half an eye on this year’s Formula 1 season, you’ll know that ‘exciting’ is an understatement. Round 17 of this rollercoaster season is fast approaching, as F1 races to the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, all ready for this weekend’s American Grand Prix.

Big Personality Meets Big Track

To celebrate, we rejoin McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo for…

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