Oct 23, 2021
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Circuit Superstars review | PC Gamer

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What is it? An isometric racer with genuine sim chops.
Expect to pay $20/£15
Release October 12
Developer Original Fire Games
Publisher Square Enix Collective
Reviewed on i7 9700K, RTX 1080 TI, 16GB RAM
Multiplayer? Up to 12 players
Link Official site

In the time it takes to read this sentence, 17.3 game developers will try and fail to do what Circuit Superstars does: a mix of arcade and sim racing that feels enriched, not compromised, by both. Admittedly that was quite a long sentence. Still, the point stands.

Every racing game press release since 1997 has promised a perfect blend of arcade accessibility and a depth of simulation that rewards continued effort with gradual mastery, and we’re right to react like dogs hearing a…

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