Oct 23, 2021
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DDR5 RAM could cost 50–60% more than DDR4 at launch

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The next major upgrade to our PC’s RAM, DDR5, is expected to land shortly, and according to an MSI blog post, we’re probably going to have to pay over the odds to get it. The post, which is titled All you need to know about DDR5 memory modules, offers a brief but informative overview of what makes DDR5 so special compared to its predecessor, DDR4. 

Towards the bottom of the post (via Tom’s Hardware), MSI makes its predictions for the pricing of DDR5: “Historically, newer memory technology has always commanded close to a 30-40% premium over the previous generation. However, this time, DDR5 includes additional components that have driven the costs up further. As a result, we expect a 50-60% price premium compared to DDR4 at launch.”

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