Oct 26, 2021
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Do This Eternal Pool Farm For Watermark Upgrade

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New World players, I know you’ve been trying to farm gear and hopefully increase your watermark to 591 by using the previous guide, but wait, there might be another place considered to be decent. It is located in the same zone as the Siren’s Stand, Reekwater, but it’s named Eternal Pool. Reekwater also has a quest that asks you to go there.

First off, the zone is located just north of the Reeekwater Settlement, and it is full of dryads, which are considered angry earth. They are highly vulnerable to fire damage, which means bringing a fire mage wouldn’t be a bad option if you’re planning to farm this spot. Also, having a good tank that knows how to maintain and hold aggro is very beneficial. Having a healer is mandatory…

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