Oct 6, 2021
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Doom 2 Mod Sends Doomguy to Hyrule

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A new mod for Doom 2 brings two unlikely franchises together, the brutal first-person action of Doom, with the whimsy of The Legend of Zelda.

Image showing the Doom logo on the Legend of Zelda background.

Even without the franchise being rebooted in 2016, Doom and its sequel Doom 2 will go down in history as two games which helped shape the modern first-person shooter, the effects of which are still felt today. In fact, one of the series’ creators, John Romero is still making mods for Doom 2, which just goes to show how much it’s stood the test of time despite being nearly three decades old. One of the things about the franchise that helps keeps it alive is the modding community, and now a new fan-made…

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