Oct 15, 2021
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Finish the fight in style with these Halo-themed diamond necklaces

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Ever had one of those nights where you feel like your outfit is missing something? Do you want, no, need a piece of jewelry to show that you’re a baller but also a fan of Halo? Thankfully, Streetwear jeweler King Ice’s current Halo collection has exactly what you need to complete that very specific look.  

The King Ice X Halo collaboration includes four different necklaces, a standing Master Chief holding his trusty Assault Rifle (that’s covered in nearly 1500 stones) at $120, a Master Chief helmet at $100, an energy sword (sold out), and a needler being the cheaper options at $80. They come in both 14K gold or white gold finishes. 

Each item is paired with a 20″ 5mm Miami Cuban chain. I’m a fan of the white gold plasma sword necklace;…

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