Oct 26, 2021
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First patch for Konami’s disastrous eFootball is also delayed

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eFootball’s manifold troubles aren’t getting fixed anytime soon.

Konami announced on Friday that the soccer game’s first major patch — version 0.9.1, it should be said — will be delayed from its original Oct. 28 launch to some point in early November. No reason was given for the delay.

Whatever the cause, it means Steam’s worst-reviewed game (by its players) of all time will remain in the same janktastic state it’s been since launch. That includes visual glitches, broken AI, stuttering animations, and other performance issues that drew overwhelmingly negative responses from players, both longtime and recent.

eFootball is the former Pro Evolution Soccer/Winning Eleven franchise going back to 2001. Konami skipped a year…

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