Oct 23, 2021
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Fortnite Athena Royale Is A Fan-Made Recreation Of The Chapter 1 Map

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While recent seasons of Fortnite have received glowing praise from the game’s massive community, some players still long for the original Fortnite map in Chapter 1. One player who clearly felt that way went to such great lengths that he’s recreated the entire Chapter 1 Season 2 map within Fortnite Creative mode, including accurate locations, loot drops, and even its own Battle Star system.

Fortnite Athena Royale

Calling the original creation Athena Royale–Athena is the name of the Chapter 1 map–content creator Atomic TheBoyDilly has painstakingly rebuilt the OG Fortnite map, and in the process, nearly perfected the replica according to players. While some players have pointed out some minor differences, Atomic…

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