Oct 23, 2021
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Here’s Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition in action, out November

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Rockstar recently confirmed one of the worst-kept secrets in gaming: the early 3D Grand Theft Auto games have been remastered, and now they have a release date, as well as a trailer showcasing the originals against the remasters. Pre-orders are live on the Rockstar website and the game releases on November 11: the price is $60/£55, though you can knock a tenner off that by buying direct from the Rockstar store.

The product description boasts of “across-the-board enhancements including brilliant new lighting and environmental upgrades, with high-resolution textures, increased draw distances, Grand Theft Auto V-style controls and targeting, and much more, bringing these beloved worlds to life with all new levels of detail.”

It also…

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