Oct 18, 2021
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Hideo Kojima Teaming Up With French Glasses Designer Jean-François Rey To Create Death Stranding’s Ludens Mask And More

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Remember looking in the mirror as Sam for the first time in Death Stranding while wearing that Ludens mask? Remember how cool you felt (we all felt it, right?). Well, now you can be that cool, thanks to a team-up between Death Stranding director Hideo Kojima and French glasses designer Jean-François Rey. 

As reported by Video Games Chronicle, the two have teamed up to create a unique line of glasses, including one pair of glasses based on the Ludens mask featured in Death Stranding. Kojima was quiet on this collaboration, opting to simply post photos of the glasses on Instagram without captions, but it’s clear that these eyewear pieces are in some part designed by the game director. 

Over on the glasses designer’s website,…

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