Oct 31, 2021
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Hu Tao Will Return in Genshin Impact 2.2 Phase II

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miHoYo has revealed information on the upcoming Hu Tao re-run banner, as well as the new weapon banner for Genshin Impact Version 2.2. After the current Childe banner ends, Hu Tao, Staff of Homa, and Elegy for the End will appear as five-stars. Both banners will run from November 2 to November 23, 2021.

While Hu Tao is the five-star for the Moment of Bloom re-run banner, Thoma is the newest character to appear in Genshin Impact. He, like Hu Tao, is a Pyro polearm user. His kit makes him more of a support character than a main DPS, though. Diona and Sayu, who also fill support roles, are the remaining two characters who will have a rate-up. The Staff of Homa and Elegy for the End are both weapons that have appeared in the past. Players…

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