Oct 21, 2021
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Hurdle through the hellmouth in this occult retro FPS

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I’m just going to say it: magic is only cool when it’s coming out of your hands. Every moment I’m forced to use a wand while pretending to be a great and powerful wizard is an insult. As an unbridled font of arcane power, I don’t want to wave a silly little stick around. I want to point at something and have it unmade, preferably by some kind of energy bolt or unfathomable beam. Thankfully, Into the Pit is a boomer shooter roguelite that understands me. When I’m sprinting at Olympic speeds through its shifting hellscape in a blur of demonic carnage, I’m trusted with only two fistfuls of magic and a firm belief that I can kill whatever dark god is waiting a couple floors down, no wavy twig required. This is what respect…

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