Oct 27, 2021
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I Hope Apex Legends Gets More Titan-Inspired Characters

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Apex Legends Season 11: Escape is set to start November 2. The upcoming season adds a whole bunch of content to the game, including the new Storm Point map, C.A.R. SMG weapon, and playable character Ash. Ash is notably yet another legend that uses a kit inspired by the Titans in Titanfall 2–I think that’s incredibly cool, and developer Respawn should continue to use Titans as the basis for upcoming Apex Legends characters. It’s incredible to see Titans’ massive mech-killing armaments reduced in scope to the point that they’re being wielded by people.

Respawn has taken inspiration from Titanfall 2 for a good chunk of Apex Legends’ playable characters, but Titans–the big walking robots you could…

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