Oct 23, 2021
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Intel’s next-gen Alder Lake CPU launch is so close it’s leaking everywhere

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Intel hasn’t unveiled the exact Intel Alder Lake release date, but it’s probably November 4. It’s soon enough that some PC builders have received their chips already. Whoops. What’s more, a listing spotted today at Micro Center also gives us an idea on pricing for the top gaming chips.

Let’s start with the fancy 12th Gen package that lucky Reddit user Seby9123 received in the mail. Not only does it include an Intel Core i9 12900K, it’s stored safely inside a fancy fake faux gold wafer case. Very neat.

(Image credit: Seby9123)

What’s not so neat is the lack of compatible Z690 motherboards available to run it today. But not long to wait for those, it seems.

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