Oct 18, 2021
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Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy PC Download Is A Whopping 150GB

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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy drops at the end of the month, and a flurry of story/launch trailers has kept excitement levels exceptionally high. The game’s Steam page was recently updated to include system requirements information. According to the storage notes, the Guardians are embarking on a journey of truly galactic proportions; the action-adventure title is slated to be a whopping 150GB.

To put that into perspective, Microsoft Flight Simulator – a game that maps/renders the entire world with stellar precision – is 127GB on PC. Hell, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy even rivals the likes of Warzone, which sits at 175GB. Knowing how big both those games are on consoles, it’s safe to assume that GOTG will also be…

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