Oct 23, 2021
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Meet holo-ghouls, galactic Yeti, and a psychic octopus in surreal adventure Growbot

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There’s a fine line between adorable and creepy, as anyone who’s played an adventure game by Amanita Design such as Machinarium or Samorost can attest. Channeling that same surreal and beautiful vibe is Growbot, a new point-and-click puzzle adventure from developer Wabisabi Play and Application Systems Heidelberg.

In Growbot you’re a new arrival on a biomechanical space station, but the moment you arrive you find the place under siege from a mysterious enemy. The other space robots are disabled so you start puttering around, collecting items, solving puzzles, and try to untangle the threat before the space station is destroyed.

I’m about 3.5 hours into Growbot, and while the experience is extremely charming and the world it takes place…

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