Oct 21, 2021
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New Atelier Sophie 2 Characters Include Alette and Olias

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Atelier Sophie 2 is going to introduce a number of new characters to the series, and two of them will be Alette Claretie and Olias Enders. The former is a “procurer,” while the latter is a bodyguard. Both of them come to Sophie’s aid after she appears in Erde Wiege.

Alette is one of the first characters Sophie will meet in Atelier Sophia 2. She’s a treasure hunter looking for items. However, she finds our heroine instead. After that, the two of them meet Olias in Roytale. He provides the first real lead on Plachta in this new world. However, the Alchemist Plachta that he knows is different from the one that appeared throughout the Atelier Mysterious trilogy.

Here’s a closer look at Alette.

And here’s how Olias looks in Atelier…

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