Oct 25, 2021
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New Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay Mechanics Revealed

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Sony and Guerrilla Games revealed more details about Horizon Forbidden West gameplay. Namely, it talked about some of the new tools at her disposal and how new actions might work. Some of these are ones hinted at before. For example, her newfound abilities to climb, glide, and swim showed up in past trailers.

There are two types of tools that will make it easier for Aloy to get around. Two of the new Horizon Forbidden West gameplay mechanics involve the Pullcaster and Shieldwing. The former is a bit like a grappling hook that has winch elements to it. You can use it to climb or launch Aloy or grab and pull things. The Shieldwing is a glider.

Guerrilla also discussed how climbing will work. No tribal handholds in things will be required to…

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