Oct 14, 2021
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New SMT V Demon Videos Look at Mot and Kaiwan

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It’s that time again. More SMT V demon digest videos are here. Now, not every one of these videos involves an immediately recognizable, beloved character. Some tend to focus on staples. That’s the case with the latest trailers, which look at Mot and Kaiwan. Both are established and useful, but might not enjoy the same notoriety as someone like Nekomata or Mara.

First, here’s the Mot SMT V video. The character is a Mesopotamian death god, which people can probably tell due to it being in a coffin. Also befitting a demon connected to death, it uses Megidolaon+4 and Mamudoon+4.

As for the Kaiwan SMT V video, it showcased another character connected to death. In particular, the…

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