Oct 22, 2021
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Otto Explains How to Use Raven in Honkai Impact 3rd

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There’s a new Honkai Impact 3rd tutorial video, and this time it is for the Raven Midnight Absinthe battlesuit. Otto Apocalypse appeared as the narrator to help people better understand the new A-rank character’s moveset. And, as usual, the video is accompanied by in-game footage to show how everything works.

Ever since Fischl appeared as the first Honkai Impact 3rd archer, more characters like that showed up. Raven joins those ranks. She’s also unique in that she’s an IMG-type supporter who can deal Fire DMG. She’s the first one in the game.

Rather than starting with attacks, the Raven video begins with her Ominous Wings passive. This allows her to immediately kill a Nihilus Seed if its health is low when she hits a weak point….

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