Oct 31, 2021
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Payday 2 adds Halloween cosmetics, joins skeleton army

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The 2021 crop of in-game Halloween events continues, with co-op wealth redistribution FPS Payday 2 the latest game to join this year’s spoopy harvest. Payday 2’s crew of crims have apparently signed up to join the skeleton army, because players can get a free thematically appropriate suit and mask, as well as a weapon charm from the in-game store. 

The outfit is a set called the skeletal heister and comes in three color schemes—boney blues, bone blood bonanza, and black to the bones—and the charm is a pumpkin face called the dangling jack. All of the cosmetics have been designed by popular modder Luke Millanta, who co-created the weather system for CS:GO. Millanta was awarded the Guinness World Record for most followed content…

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