Oct 25, 2021
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Pricey Evangelion Clothing Released by Undercover

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Japanese fashion brand Undercover released a new Evangelion-themed clothing collection. First teased in March, the collection features a number of sweaters, hoodies, shirts, and other apparel inspired by Evangelion characters, EVAs, and themes. Despite the high prices, the collection sold out almost instantly upon appearing on the Undercover website.

Here are a few of the pieces of Evangelion clothing from Undercover.

The three Undercover Evangelion puffer jackets modeled after the series’ iconic mech units are priced at $5,600. The Lilith sweater cost around $1,925. The Shinji cape is just above $3,200, while the long coat set customers back $1,925. The Evangelion Hooded Jackets cost over $7,200 and came with a remote control used to…

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