Oct 14, 2021
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PUBG Update 1.81 Blazes Out for 14.1 This October 14

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PUBG Corp. has released the PUBG update 1.81 patch this October 14, and this is for update 14.1! Head on down below for the complete patch notes in this huge update.

PUBG Update 1.81 Patch Notes | PUBG Update 14.1 Patch Notes:

Hello, Survivors. First up in this update is the ability to pick up and carry a downed survivor. You can now throw them over your shoulders and bring them with you to victory.

Next up, Taego has received a lot of changes. Additional covers are added in some areas, and the terrain has also received improvements. Furthermore, Breakable Pots have items inside so break and loot! Error Space are special new zones marked on the map that can spawn items featured in…

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