Oct 22, 2021
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Rust Update 1.09 Patch Notes; Out for Halloween Hotfix This October 21

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Double Eleven has released the Rust update 1.09 patch this October 21, and this is the studio’s Halloween hotfix! There are a few bug fixes included in this patch, as well as UI improvements, too. Head on down for the official patch notes.

Rust Update 1.09 Patch Notes:


  • Found reproduction steps for the “Invisible walls” bug. When testing in isolation it was discovered they were actually ghost trees, but this has now been fixed!

  • Fixed an issue with Voicechat causing thousands and thousands of requests to be sent in a short period of time. This was leading to slow internal operations.

  • Added more error checking into Voicechat with the aim of catching some of the remaining (rare) crashes.

UI for Halloween

  • Added a “quick open”…

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