Oct 27, 2021
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Ryan Gosling To Star In Universal’s Wolfman Film

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Universal Pictures’ “Dark Universe” hasn’t quite manifested like the studio hoped, but its monster movies are still coming. Ryan Gosling will star in the upcoming Wolfman movie with Derek Cianfance directing, Variety reports.

Details on the Wolfman film are basically non-existent–we don’t even have a synopsis yet. We can probably assume someone is bit by werewolf, though. Probably. Leigh Whannell, who helmed 2020’s The Invisible Man, was to direct the film, but dropped out due to a scheduling conflict. Cianfrance, with whom Gosling worked on 2010’s Blue Valentine, will write the movie in addition to directing.

“Horror movies were my first love–my entry into what cinema was capable of narratively, psychologically,…

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