Oct 27, 2021
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See King Frost and Kohryu in SMT V

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Two authority figures are the latest Shin Megami Tensei V featured characters. The October 27, 2021 demon digest videos are in. Each one is for a notable returning character. One is King Frost, the biggest Jack Frost around. The other is the final SMT V Chinese Constellation symbols, Kohryu (Huang Long).

First up is the King Frost video. As you might guess, this character is big on ice attacks. King Bufula+5 in particular appears to deal Jack Frost-shaped damage. Before that, we see the Nahobino speaking to King Frost in a warehouse.

After that, the Kohryu SMT V video appeared. Like the previous video, it begins with the Nahobino speaking to the dragon in the field. As befitting a…

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