Oct 22, 2021
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SMT V Moh Shuvuu and Mishaguji Trailers Appear

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The time has come. A new day dawned. Which means Atlus prepared an additional SMT V offering. Two new videos appeared to showcase characters from the series. The spotlight for October 22, 2021 is on demons based on characters from Asia. Both Moh Shuvuu and Mishaguji are back.

Moh Shuvuu is back from Siberia for her video. This bird-like woman is known for her ability to heal and do force damage. Which continues into SMT V, as she uses Mazanma+3 in her video.

Meanwhile, Mishaguji hails from Japan. In the past, the character’s used almighty, electric, and death skills. In his video, Mudoon+2 is used. Also, while not as descriptive as past appearances, there might be a slight NSFW…

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