Oct 25, 2021
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SMT V Norn and Aquans Trailers Appear

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Even more Shin Megami Tensei V trailers appeared. And yes, once again you know these folks. Atlus shared two more in Japan. The first new SMT V video looks at Norn, while the second focused on Aquans. Both characters might help when it comes to support, as each used Dia skills in their segments.

First up is the SMT V Norn video. It has three Norns on it, likely Skuld, Verdandi, and Urd. As befitting goddesses who determine people’s fates, they use certain skills. Things kick off with Mediarama+4 healing. Then, there’s a Hamaon+1 appearance.

Given Aquans is a water elemental, its skills make a lot of sense. It uses Mabufu+3 to deal ice damage to a group of enemies. It also uses…

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