Oct 25, 2021
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Sunbreak Will Add New Attacks for Master Rank Monsters

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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Capcom’s Monster Hunter Rise has received a substantial number of updates since release but a new paid expansion, Sunbreak, is out next year. It’s fairly large, adding new locales, a new storyline and a new sinister-looking Elder Dragon named Malzeno. Master Rank is also being added as a new quest rank and will provide even tougher fights than the base game.

As per Capcom on Twitter, players will also encounter “more powerful versions of monsters that you clashed with in #MHRise” with some even having new attacks. It also noted that the “Sunbreak” is derived from imagery in “the game’s story, such as the visual of the sun shining down on the world through the clouds!” How this factors into the story – especially…

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