Oct 21, 2021
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The KOF XV Team Art of Fighting Backstory Appears

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There’s new insight into what’s happening in The King of Fighters XV. SNK revealed another team backstory. This time, it looked into why Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia, and King reunited to form Team Art of Fighting in KOF XV.

While the focus is on Ryo, Robert, and King, quite a few familiar faces appear during the KOF XV Team Art of Fighting story. Ryo and Robert reunite with Takuma and Yuri Sakazaki and Marco Rodrigues at the Sakazaki’s Kyokugen BBQ. Ryo appeared to bring up participating in the tournament. He ended up looking for team members, and his father volunteered/told Robert to join.

From there, it goes on to explain why King is a part of Team Art of Fighting in KOF XV rather than Yuri. Once King does come up, it also hints…

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