Oct 5, 2021
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Tribes of Midgard Update 1.50 Wolf Saga Mid-Season Update Live This October 5

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Norsfell has released the Tribes of Midgard update 1.50 (PS5 version 1.500) this October 5, and this is for the Wolf Saga Mid-Season Update! This brings a host of new stuff, as well as the game’s Halloween content and more! Check out the complete patch notes below.

Tribes of Midgard Update 1.50 Patch Notes | Tribes of Midgard Wolf Saga Mid-Season Update Patch Notes | Tribes of Midgard Update 1.500 Patch Notes:

High level details on “what’s new”: 

  • Variant System: We added a new boss mechanic that supports multiple variations of a given Saga Boss, injecting Wolf Saga with an entirely new version of Fenrir to face off against—Wolfmancer Fenrir! While each variant of a Saga Boss will retain some core mechanics and…

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