Oct 26, 2021
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U-Treasure’s New Pikachu Solitaire Ring Costs Over $10,000

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U-Treasure has started selling a new premium solitaire ring modeled after Pokemon‘s mascot Pikachu in Japan. The ring is immediately available to order and costs ¥1,169,400 (~$10,250).

The jewelry maker had previously sold similar rings at lower prices in April 2021. The rings feature a solitaire diamond sized around 0.25 to 0.45 carat surrounded by a male and female Pikachu. What sets this new ring apart from the others is that it will support a larger 1.032-carat diamond. Furthermore, the first 30 people who purchase this ring will also obtain a limited ring case modeled after the Master Ball.

Each ring will be custom-made to meet the buyer’s needs. Other than a variety of sizes, U-Treasure also lets the customer input unique text…

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