Oct 23, 2021
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Valheim teases Mistlands biome and new caverns in the mountains

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With the Hearth and Home update out, Valheim developer Iron Gate Studios is now focusing on another upcoming addition to the co-op Viking survival game. The Mistlands is the next biome that will be added to the world—Valheim currently has five biomes, and this would be the sixth of a planned nine in total—and there’s been the slightest of teases today in the form of a single screenshot.

The Mistlands do exist in Valheim at the moment, though very sparsely. If you explore deep enough into the world you may find small, unfinished Mistland zones, which are spooky, heavily webbed areas full of looming dead trees and skeletal remains. The vibe the Mistlands currently give? Here there be giant spiders.

The new screenshot shows some green…

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