Oct 15, 2021
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Who’s the Best Demon Slayer Character?

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Demon Slayer is a series that thrives and relies on its characters. We watch as they connect to each other. We see them overcome challenges. They grow. There are a lot of fun personalities, but who’s the overall best Demon Slayer character? We thought we’d have some fun by talking about our favorites and making a case for ’em, what with the game out now. Share yours with us, too!

This is a painfully hot take, and a character I’m not sure many people give too much attention! But I have to choose Obanai, and not only because snakes are my favorite animals. I’m a fan of characters with all-or-nothing and obsessive personalities, and Obanai’s perfectionist attitude is something to aspire to, in general terms. He has determination…

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