Oct 26, 2021
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Why Final Fantasy 14’s Reaper Class is So Unique

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Progressing in leaps and bounds from its decidedly ignominious start, Final Fantasy 14 has become the go-to MMORPG for many players. Those players have engaged in the game with love and delight, even prompting fan creations like D&D 5e supplements of Final Fantasy 14.

There is a lot of game to experience in Final Fantasy 14 and with solid character options, good community, and tons of battles with fantastic music, players have not gotten tired of it yet. The upcoming Endwalker expansion brings with it two new classes. One is the Sage, a mainstay endgame class of titles like Final Fantasy 3, and the other is the new and unique Reaper class. That’s the one to focus on here as it seems destined to be…

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