Oct 22, 2021
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Xbox Series X|S New SSD Options Announced, Utilizes the Xbox Velocity Architecture

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A new batch of high-end storage expansions for Xbox consoles have been annoounced today, as Seagate-branded SSD options for the Xbox Series X were detailed in the latest from the Xbox Wire. This Seagate SSD also has something quite special inside, especially given that it’s a third-party offering.

After its initial announcement of 1TB expansion SSDs, Seagate is now coming with 512GB and 2TB options for the Xbox Series X and S. The 512GB SSD will cost $139.99 and will launch in the middle of November, while the 2TB card will go on sale in early December, costing $399.99.

As of now, Seagate’s SSD offerings for the Xbox Series X are the only ones in the market to utilize Microsoft’s own Xbox Velocity Architecture. This Architecture,…

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