Oct 12, 2021
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Zaou-Gongen and Belphegor Appear as SMT V Demons

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Atlus shared two more Shin Megami Tensei V demon trailers in Japan. This time, there’s one character immediately recognizable by his toilet. Meanwhile, the other is someone people would see after befriending Kou or Daisuke in Persona 4 or Caroline and Justine in Persona 5. The latest SMT V videos look at Zaou-Gongen and Belphegor.

First up is the SMT V trailer for Zaou-Gongen. People might know this demon best as the final Strength Persona. As befitting a character known for its power, it uses high level magic abilities like Megidolaon+3 and Maragidyne+4.

As for Belphegor, this demon is known for being tied to the sin of Sloth. And sitting on a toilet in his appearances. Which…

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