Nov 1, 2021
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2 FFVII The First Soldier Pre-Register Rewards Unlocked

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People hit two out of five of the FFVII The First Soldier pre-register reward tiers. In under one week, 500,000 people signed up to play the game. As a result, everyone who picks it up and starts playing will get a Chocobo Egg and Shinra Mask.

People reached the first milestone on October 29, 2021. Within two days of being able to pre-register, over 300,000 potential FFVII The First Soldier candidates signed up. That meant everyone would get a Chocobo Egg. In-game, people can summon a Chocobo to ride on at a Chocobo Stop.

The second goal ended up being hit on November 1, 2021. That granted the Shinra Mask skin. When worn, your avatar will have a red mask with the Shinra logo on it covering their face.

This means three more tiers could be…

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