Nov 3, 2021
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Aeros and Loki Show Their Stuff in SMT V

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We’re almost at 214 Shin Megami Tensei V demon videos. It’s getting close to the end. But before that happens, more familiar faces will show up. Atlus’ next two SMT V trailers offer looks at Aeros and Loki. One’s another elemental. The other is a Norse god of mischief and lies.

As you can probably tell from their color and name, Aeros is once again tied to wind-based attacks in SMT V. Both Mazan+3, which hits all enemies, and Zan+3, which targets one, appear in the video.

The Loki SMT V video showed up after. The character’s played some rather substantial roles in past SMT games and spin-offs. He’s known for his magical abilities. That continues here, as he uses…

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