Nov 5, 2021
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Battlefield 2042’s Beta Feedback Was “Overwhelmingly Positive,” Per EA

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Battlefield 2042

We aren’t long away from the next entry in the Battlefield series. We will go into the climate ravaged near future of 2042 this go around with plenty of what people came to know and love about the shooter series. As you probably know, the game also got a recent open beta test period. It managed to attract nearly 8 million players, and now it seems as if the feedback EA received was pretty great.

As part of the latest earnings call, which you can read in full through here, CEO Andrew Wilson said they were happy with the feedback they got from players, going as far as to say it was “overwhelmingly positive.” He didn’t get into the specifics, but did also say that there were still elements to be taken from the beta to be applied…

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