Nov 2, 2021
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Darksiders 4 Potentially Confirmed By Promo Art

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Darksiders, as a franchise, is arguably one of the most popular IPs currently under the THQ Nordic House. The first game is considered an instant classic, the second game followed it well, the third game was hit or miss, and Darksiders Genesis is a fun co-op spin-off. Via each of these games now, fans have played War, Death, Fury, and Strife, giving fans reason to hope that the next game is a four-player co-op title with all four Horsemen.

Fans have been calling for a Darksiders game like this for quite some time, one where the events actually followed the first game when War summoned the Horsemen. Fans still don’t know when and if this will be the next game, but it may seem that Darksiders 4 is…

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