Nov 4, 2021
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New World is the first MMO I don’t hate

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Have you ever felt insecure about not liking a popular videogame genre? For me, that’s MMOs. There are plenty of genres that I generally don’t play but can at least see the appeal of, but until recently I never understood why anyone would want to play an MMO.

I promise, I’ve tried to be friends with MMOs. I started and stopped WoW three times, bounced off Final Fantasy 14 after a week (despite cute chocobos), wasted an afternoon in Elder Scrolls Online, and even played DC Universe Online on my PS3 a decade ago. All the grinding for levels, lethargic slapping of number keys and waiting for cooldowns, the overwhelming UI—my MMO-diehard friends seem to love all of the stuff I hate.

But I don’t hate New World, Amazon’s first successful…

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