Nov 9, 2021
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Scorn Developer Apologizes For ‘Hostile Outburst’ Over Delays

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Scorn, a psychological horror inspired game by Giger, has been pushed back, with the director apologizing for a recent statement on the Kickstarter.

An image from the horror game Scorn showing a horrifying humanoid creature with a glowing red belly.

The video game world is in something of a golden age of fantastic horror titles, from AAA favorites to indie installments by new studios. It seems that horror gaming is alive and well especially with the likes of Resident Evil Village, plus Bloober Team’s The Medium and the upcoming Outlast Trials. However, despite horror fans being blessed with such content, there is one yet-to-be-released title that is causing some headaches among backers, namely Scorn. The situation got to the point where a…

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